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My name is Angela, and I am the founder of Liv Tall. 


I am 6’1”, a mother, wife, former athlete, and dancer.  Until August 2020, I had a successful career in the fashion industry, and just like every single other tall girl, regardless of their personal style, I struggle to find clothes that fit properly, and often sacrifice fashion for function.

After being laid off due to COVID, I found myself with the ability to pause and reflect on what I wanted to do with my life and career.  I have always wanted to design and build a brand that reflects me; a tall girl who loves fashion and wants choices!  Shortly after becoming unemployed, I reserved the name Liv Tall and have been working diligently ever since to create the brand I always dreamt of.  

Liv Tall is named for my young daughter Olive. 

Her future struggles with clothing, inspired me to make a difference and my dream is that by the time she is making her own fashion choices, she actually has choices!

Liv Tall goes beyond the basics, I am creating quality fashion for the tall woman.  Items will be inspired by trends in style, color, and fabrics, but influenced by my love for a classic silhouette.  I am sourcing quality fabrics and focusing on fit and design, because I do not feel that a woman should sacrifice either, simply because of her height.

My clothes are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.  I am a small batch, female-owned apparel company, manufactured by a female-owned manufacturers in both my home state of Arizona and Colorado.  In addition to creating clothing exclusively for the tall woman, I am building Liv Tall on the foundation that all fashion brands must have sustainable business practices, treat people fairly and have a heart.   



How Liv Tall Practices Sustainability


No fast fashion here!  I believe that all fashion brands have a responsibility to consider the environment and the impact they will have on it before doing business and here are some things I have done since Day 1 and will continue to be an eco-conscious brand as Liv Tall grows and evolves.

1. Domestic Manufacturing- This process lowers my carbon footprint because I am not constantly shipping product to/from overseas. 

2. Growing with Demand or Small Batch Production- I only produce small amounts, and do not produce excess inventory simply to drive my prices lower.  

3. Shipping Materials- I use recycled materials and reusable bags for any returns that can also be recycled at the end of use.

4. High Quality Product- My items are well made, easy to wear and versatile! They are meant to last and be staples in your wardrobe- no fast fashion to love and leave next season.

5. Postproduction Materials- The manufacturer I work with has its own recycling program for the scraps.  If I have yardage left over, I donate it to a local non-profit called Threaded Together AZ to use for programs to teach the trade of sewing or re-use it for sample making of future items.


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